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Puppy Mange


We took Charlie and Frankie to get their check ups and I also had a concern about Frankie. I noticed he was losing hair on his paws. I thought maybe he was licking himself too much so I wanted to know what it was exactly. The vet took a look at him and said “it might be demodex” I was like “whaat? is that” so he said it’s very common in puppies and the only way to know for sure is to get a skin scrape sampling. So they took him to the back and five minutes later they came back with a positive. We even got to look at the little gross bug under the microscope. It was kind of cool but gross haha.

So the vet told us there is the common oral treatment that takes about six weeks or so or we could try an “off label” I believe he said (don’t quote me on that) treatment which would be Bravecto. Bravecto treats fleas and ticks and it seems to be a potential new treatment of Demodicosis in dogs. We’re supposed to go back in two weeks so I’m hoping that it helps!

I was pretty scared because when I think of mange I picture a hairless dog so I was worried. Now that I’ve informed myself I feel much better and I’m hoping for the best.

Anyway here are some updated picture of them from Christmas, New Years, the one time Houston got canceled cause it froze lol, and just some pictures.