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The Mile High City



We’re back now. Denver was awesome. Anyway we will be basically reviewing our trip.

We flew with Spirit. We heard lots of reviews both good and bad about the airline and when we planned our trip we were just like what the heck?

Our flight was scheduled for 9:45 A.M and we actually left our home pretty early just to be sure we’d get there on time and find a place to leave our car. So we chose EcoPark based on their daily rate of $5.54 a day. Anyway, so we checked in the day before at home and printed our boarding passes which otherwise would have been $10 per person.  We had to check-in with a person because we were flying with our dog. It ended up being $110 which wasn’t too bad. We were mostly worried that our dog carrier wouldn’t be approved because it didn’t meet their height requirements. Our Sherpa was 2 in. taller than their height requirement which is 9 in. The person we checked in with just looked at our dog and bag and was like “Okay. It’ll be $110.” We considered that a win haha. It turned out that our flight was delayed so we ate some breakfast and watched some shows on our phones.

It was so foggy and cold when we landed

We boarded around 11:30 and landed at 1-ish. We were so ready to start our vacation we took the taxi against peoples suggestions. we ended up paying $80 just from the airport to the rental car place. We had planned on taking Uber but didn’t want to wait. Well no we know better. So we got our car and hit up the fist dispensary.


The Clinic on Colfax was our first stop. We were asked to show our I.D’s. I for one was super nervous but my husband was all happy and excited. There was a home-y vibe to it. Nice and cozy. After a short wait we went upstairs into a room where we were asked what we wanted. The guy was really helpful with helping my husband. All in all we left happy customers. They had all types of marijuana, edibles, rolled joints, papers, etc.

Afterwards we checked into our hotel and hung out the rest of the day. We were tired!

Saturday morning we woke up early had some breakfast and headed to the Denver Art Museum. Coincidentally it’s free the first Saturday of the month. So we got free admission. It took us half a day to go through all 6 floors of the museum. It has 7 but it was closed off.  They had different types of art from all over the world.


GroundSwell was our second stop. Same as before they checked out I.D’s as well once we were in. We were walked into another room and then asked what kind of things were we looking for and if we were looking for medical or recreational.  They had all types of marijuana, edibles, rolled joints, papers, etc. My husband got what he wanted as for me I was looking for souvenirs so I picked up a sticker. I kinda wish now I got one at the first dispensary.

I want to say the weather was a nice 30-40 degrees. So I of course chose to go to Little Man Ice Cream. We were glad the cold weather didn’t keep people away. I ordered Mexican chocolate and my husband got blackberry pineapple.


L’Eagle was the last dispensary we went to. Same as the previous 2 they asked for our I.D’s and waited for about 5 minutes. Once we went in the guy helping us was very informative. I looked for anything I could bring back so I got a magnet lol. Outside their building they do have a spot to tie your dog as well as a water bowl. That way you don’t have to leave your dog in your vehicle.

We did take a trip out to the Garden Of The Gods. It was a nice crisp sunny morning they even let our dog go into the visitor center to look around. That place is so beautiful I had never seen anything like it. There was a bit of snow that was melting away.

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Daisy: Overall Denver was an awesome experience. I want to say it’s a very dog friendly city which was great because we take our dog everywhere with us. Everyone we met was friendly, informative, and helpful. I can’t wait till we can go back!

Jesus: I thought it was awesome I had a great time. Aside from the cab driver being a shark and not helpful everything was fine. I felt like we saw 10% of it but I enjoyed it. The weather and people were awesome I can’t wait to go again and visit the mountains.







My name is Daisy Carolina. I am 26 years old. Born, raised, and currently live in Houston, TX. I have a 11 month old corgi named Charlie. We named her after Charlie Day from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Musings of an engaged, pre-school teacher. I love to watch movies, shows, listen to music, bake, cook, obsessed with lady bugs, batman, nail polish, converse, and candy. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. Hello, My name is Jesus de Leon I have a middle name but I wouldn't like for you to know that. I am happy most of the day but most times I am on auto pilot trying to make it to the evening. I love It's Always Sunny, I like to fall asleep to it. I walked home one day when I was a kid and a bunch of dogs attacked me and a bunch of drunks just stared and laughed. That's pretty much my life in a nutshell one day you're getting mauled by dogs and the next you're loving them. Hay-O!

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