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My week so far…

Trying out Fire Red by Sinful Colors.
Trying out Fire Red by Sinful Colors.

 I received my Surfs Up VoxBox from Influenster a couple of weeks ago and I finally got around to trying out the Fire Red by Sinful nail polish. I have about eight other colors except a red one! haha. I have to say that two coats was just good enough. I like it! Please excuse my cuticles. I am extremely happy with the SinfulColors line they are also very inexpensive…only $1.99. Once I try out all of the things I will be sure to give a full review on my voxbox and have more information on Influenster.

Yesterday morning after I left Daenerys eating I came to my room to watch some TV. I then heard my mom laughing and playing with her, a couple minutes later Daenerys came into the room and sat next to me and looked ashamed lmao. It was the cutest thing ever. I asked my mom if she knew how it happened but she said no. I took a picture of her before taking the gift bow off. 

Deuce and Daenerys
Deuce and Daenerys

We went to go get Deuce, Jolynn’s one year old Pitbull who stays at her parents because he has a nice big yard to run around in, and because my mother does not like big dogs. I have to say he is the sweetest big dog I have ever met. I’m scared of big dogs but for some reason he doesn’t scare me. I was a bit iffy as to how Daenerys was going to react to him. I let her go up to him and she immediately ran the other way, she did this for 10 minutes till she finally got the courage to sniff him. She barkes at him for no reason and then starts sniffing him again the picture above is Deuce’s reaction to everything she does. lol  

Well, It’s barely Wednesday (Hump Day) so far this week has been pretty good. I think tonight I’ll make breaded fish…with green beans…and mashed potatos..and oh maybe rice?? Man, I’m hungry now!  Sorry for the long post.


Love, Daisy Lo.


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My name is Daisy Carolina. I am 26 years old. Born, raised, and currently live in Houston, TX. I have a 11 month old corgi named Charlie. We named her after Charlie Day from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Musings of an engaged, pre-school teacher. I love to watch movies, shows, listen to music, bake, cook, obsessed with lady bugs, batman, nail polish, converse, and candy. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. Hello, My name is Jesus de Leon I have a middle name but I wouldn't like for you to know that. I am happy most of the day but most times I am on auto pilot trying to make it to the evening. I love It's Always Sunny, I like to fall asleep to it. I walked home one day when I was a kid and a bunch of dogs attacked me and a bunch of drunks just stared and laughed. That's pretty much my life in a nutshell one day you're getting mauled by dogs and the next you're loving them. Hay-O!

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