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beep beep boop

I have been wanting to have a blog for a while now, well actually I already have a Tumblr, but that mostly consists of funnies, GIFs, and other nonsense. I guess what I mean is that I want something that is more personal, somewhere I can write about anything. What I’m hoping to do with this blog is write about my daily adventures, my thoughts, reviews on different things, my life in general. I ramble on sometimes and my train of thought is NOT in a chronological order if that makes any kind of sense haha. I live life and I love the life I live. With that being said…written?…typed? Anywho, I hope you enjoy my posts and let us see how this goes.


Currently listening to:The Rains of Castamere. G.O.T 



My name is Daisy Carolina. I am 26 years old. Born, raised, and currently live in Houston, TX. I have a 11 month old corgi named Charlie. We named her after Charlie Day from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Musings of an engaged, pre-school teacher. I love to watch movies, shows, listen to music, bake, cook, obsessed with lady bugs, batman, nail polish, converse, and candy. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram. Hello, My name is Jesus de Leon I have a middle name but I wouldn't like for you to know that. I am happy most of the day but most times I am on auto pilot trying to make it to the evening. I love It's Always Sunny, I like to fall asleep to it. I walked home one day when I was a kid and a bunch of dogs attacked me and a bunch of drunks just stared and laughed. That's pretty much my life in a nutshell one day you're getting mauled by dogs and the next you're loving them. Hay-O!

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